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Everyone needs chelation therapy! Human beings all over the world are exposed to heavy metals daily. Regardless of where you live, toxic heavy metals are present, they are in our air, workplace, food, water, schools, homes and more. Human beings don’t have the natural ability to eliminate heavy metal toxins. These toxins are linked to many severe health challenges including but not limited to: 


  • Reproductive problems (in both men and women)

  • High blood pressure and hypertension

  • Nerve disorders

  • Memory and concentration problems

  • Muscle and joint pain

  • Hearing problems

  • Headaches


  • Lowered IQ

  • Damage to the brain and nervous system

  • Learning and behavioral difficulties

  • Slowed growth

Detoxacream helps to effectively remove heavy metals from your body in a gentle way, is as easy to apply as moisturizing cream and safe for all ages. For best results, Detoxacream recommends using the product for a minimum of 6 months. However, because our exposure to heavy metals is constant and continuous, incorporation into your daily routine is ideal.