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Antifungals Supplements & Vitamins

Natural antifungals are often used to treat fungal infections and include such herbal remedies as tea tree oil, garlic, and black walnut. Coconut oil, oregano, and calendula are also used to treat infections caused by fungus. Other natural antifungals include grapefruit seed extract, barberry, and cedar. A doctor should be consulted before using natural antifungals in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis and to discuss possible side effects and medication interactions.
Tea tree oil and garlic are among the most popular natural antifungals. Used primarily to treat athlete’s foot, tea tree oil has been used for centuries to treat bacterial and fungal infections. It is important to dilute this oil before applying to the skin in order to avoid skin irritation. Fresh garlic can be consumed internally, or garlic juice can be applied topically to kill fungus. Side effects of garlic may include heartburn, body odor, and skin damage.
Black walnut and coconut oil are often used as natural antifungals. Several natural products designed to kill fungus contain black walnut hulls, and this herb can also be taken as an oral supplement. Products containing black walnut should not be used on the lips or near the mouth due to the risks of developing certain forms of cancer. Coconut oil can be taken internally to kill fungus in the bloodstream or applied topically to treat fungal infections of the skin.